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Digital Marketing
Email + Social + Paid Media + Websites
The Dreambox and Fox journey began when the Arizona-based multi-concept operator looked towards the need to better-define each of their 15 brands' identities as they began the process of sending certain brands out of their portfolio. What resulted was a close collaboration between the FRC marketing team and Dreambox to further develop each brands' positioning, creative and messaging on all digital channels in a manner that has been called by multiple other vendors in the space, 'the most creative work we've seen from any restaurant company.'
Responsive Website Design and Development
For Brands & Campaign Microsites
With a growing national footprint of restaurants able to cater to the most demanding private-event customers, Dreambox was called on to design, architect and build the website. Serving as an authoritative showcase for all of their restaurants complete with dynamic multi-variate filters, real-time social media guest feeds and large-format photography plus hooks to the 3rd party lead tracking vendor. As one of Fox Restaurants' growth brands, Culinary Dropout's music-infused DNA needed a website to further communicate that concept's identity and truly make the experience the brand. Dreambox designed, architected and built the website on the Dreambox restaurant platform for digital, including real-time artist feeds and rich-media.
Email Marketing
Uniquely designed for each initiative
With 15 brands each possessing unique identities and brand tonalities Dreambox's creative team has produced a remarkable amount of custom creative designed to avoid templated messaging. With each brand thriving independently from one another while still being a part of the FRC family, Dreambox's goal has been consistently to bring each brand's unique value proposition directly to each element of core messaging.
Social Media Content & Community Management
Guest Acquisition and Retention
Developing content, photo and video creative to reach guests with intrinsically valuable content along with developing the processes to retain and recover guests post-visit.
Advertising Campaigns
Conceptualizing to Execution and Reporting
Dreambox developed a campaign to build on the local AZ-brand awareness of the company as they expanded their Flower Child brand westward to California.