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Digital Marketing
Social Media + Email + Intranet + Websites
The year was 2003, Dreambox had just won an award from Hospitality and Technology Magazine for the top national chain restaurant website for our work with Benihana. A week after the issue came out we received a phone call from a six-unit growing restaurant brand called Yard House. What's followed has been an obscenely successful collaboration on all things digital for the brand establishing Yard House as the nation's authoritative source on all things craft-beer related before craft beer became a thing, culminating in 2012 with Darden's $600 million dollar acquisition of the brand. With new ownership comes new duties, new excitement, new challenges and most of all a renewed commitment to continue to drive guest traffic in the most innovative ways possible.
Website Evolution
Mobile & Tablet Design & Development
Our first project with Yard House consisted of a re-imagined website including refining the guest experience and customer journey ultimately connecting someone to their nearest location. Two additional public websites over the years were developed by DreamBox including engagement touch points such as an internal 'evite' tool, live music listing at each restaurant, up to the minute visibility into their limited drafts, 'chalkboard beer' series and ecommerce capabilities to sell swag and gift cards.
Social Media Content
Creative + Content Creation
Developing content, photo and video creative to reach guests with intrinsically valuable content.
Chalkboard Series Digital Displays
Design & Development of Software
So you have a brand built around the concept of the world's largest selection of draft beer and want to carry limited-release drafts where you may only get one keg per location and want to keep printing costs down while maximizing communication of what's available for sale at any given moment?

Solution: Dreambox, No Static AV and Yard House collaborated in in 2011 on a way for the corporate beverage team to maintain legal compliance and product descriptions while letting their on-site team members control what is displayed at any given moment based on supply on hand. This information is additionally syndicated in real time to the Yard House website and other applications thanks to its service-based architecture. Next time you're in a Yard House, look up and you'll see this in action.